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Click on the image above to see angus beef cuts and quality standards. 

 Basically, there are three quality ratings for beef; prime, choice and select.   

We only offer dry-aged, prime beef. 

 Prime means beef that is produced from young, well-fed cattle. It has the most marbling and is produced in smaller quantities than other grades. 

A true labor of love; Dry-Aged Beef 

 Dry-aged beef is a traditional butcher shop technique in which beef ages openly in dry-aging coolers. As the  beef hangs,  the enzymes break down, tenderizing the meat and enhancing the  flavor and tenderness.  By hanging the meat in a controlled open-air environment it goes  through a flavor transformation. By exposing the meat to air, moisture is pulled out and the natural enzymes in the beef break the muscles down slowly over time, making it more tender. It all comes down to three key factors: air flow to help form a crust, humidity control to slow down the migration of moisture and keep natural juices from running out, and temperature control to stop the meat from spoiling. To cook a dry aged steak at home, prepare it just like you would a regular steak, but with one difference: With dry aged beef, you do run the risk of over-seasoning so don’t go as heavy on the salt as you would a normal steak.


Dry aged beef may come with a bigger price tag, but the payoff is a flavor that is unmistakable and a texture that is vastly superior to wet aged beef. The benefits far outweigh the costs. Ultimately, dry aging is for those who are looking for a next level eating experience and that’s what it brings to the table.

There are a lot of beef cuts, but here are some of our favorites.  


Porterhouse is a well-marbled classic consisting of the New York strip and filet/tenderloin  connected by a telltale T-shaped bone. The tenderloin is 1 1/4 inch or larger in diameter., otherwise it is a T-bone.  


T-Bone is a well-marbled classic consisting of the New York strip and filet/tenderloin  connected by a telltale T-shaped bone. The tenderloin is less than 1/3" to  1 1/4 "  in diameter.

Bone in Ribeye

A rib steak that is fine-grained and juicy. Rich, beefy flavor and generous marbling throughout. One of the most tender beef cuts.

Bone in NY Strip

This premium, lean, bone-in steak is a steakhouse classic, known for its marbling, tenderness and flavor.

Filet Mignon aka Tenderloin

The most tender beef cut. Lean yet succulent and elegant. Melt-in-your-mouth texture, subtle flavor and compact shape.

Stew Meat


Well-trimmed beef, cut into 3/4 to 1 1/2-inch pieces. . Commonly cut from the sirloin but can come from any tender cut.

Chuck Roast


This is the classic pot roast, becoming moist and tender when braised and full of rich, beef flavor.


A flavorful cut that becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. The traditional cut used for corned beef, and popular as smoked barbecue.


Quality Cuts of Beef

The chart shows the various cuts available from our Angus based beef.  If you are ordering a whole or half side of beef, you can custom order your cuts.  Or, we will custom cut your beef to our tried and true specifications; the cuts our family love the most.  

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