Our cows are vegan so you don't have to be

If you've never ordered farm fresh beef before, there are a lot of  choices.  We have been asked all kinds of questions and we have listed some below.  We hope this helps!

What size freezer?

The rule of thumb is 1 cf of freezer space for every 30-35 lbs of cut and wrapped meat. 

Be sure to buy a freezer with a lock and key for child safety and to ensure your freezer is securely  closed.  

How much meat?

Half of the meat will be steaks and roasts, and the other half will be ground beef.  However, this is not your ordinary grocery store ground beef, this is fresh, dry-aged prime beef all from the same cow, not mixed from different cows and different quality. 

What cuts?

We recommend keeping the bone in for all cuts that can be done this way.  For example, bone-in ribeye, bone-in NY strip, T-bone, or Porterhouse.  Some roasts will also come with the bone-in.  It adds a great amount of flavor.  You should also take the soup bones to use in stews, soups and beans.  Oxtail is very popular, too.  

How do I pay?

We require a deposit to complete a reservation.  $500 for whole, $250 for half and quarter, and $200 for a bundle.  You will be notified when you beef is at the processor and the remaining balance is due at that time.  We accept cash, check and Venmo.  

Where do I pick it up?

Slasham Valley Farms is our processor and they will contact you when the beef has been processed and frozen so you can pick it up.  You will pay Slasham Valley the processing fee at time of pick up.  

50 Lowery Drive, Ashville, Alabama 35953   256-677-8277

What to expect?

Because our beef is prime, it will have the most marbling.  The butcher will leave fat on all cuts which gives the best flavor.  You can request the butcher to remove as much fat as possible, but we do not recommend it.  You are paying for it, so why not use it to enhance the fresh beef experience.  

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